What if we use co-creation tools to get people on board of urban transformations?

More than half of the world population is now living in cities. By 2050 this amount will increase up to 60 per cent. We are in front of an unprecedented challenge to balance urban development with environmental impact. Our cities need to grow in a sustainable way and citizens can play a central role in this. Through urban transformations, we can mitigate climate change and environmental impacts, for example by integrating more greenery into existing spaces.

We want to help authorities to find common ground between long term plans and the sentiment of the citizens. Here, we need tools that allow people to express freely their ideas -without any expertize in urban planning. Pix2City enables people to transform their visions into a realistic visualization of the result. It shows for example how planting trees would increase the amount of shadows and trigger a cooling effect in the city.

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Pix2City uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to predict the impact of urban transformations. Pix2City provides a powerful tool to visualize how certain interventions could change the city, for example by showing how much shadow would be generated by new trees.

Change happens faster when everybody is on board. We want to connect authorities and citizens, let them find a path forward. Citizens can unveil hidden opportunities. Authorities can steer disparate ideas towards long term goals. We believe that technology can create new communication channels that help innovative ideas emerge.

Pix2City is only the beginning. What if we integrate other factors such as density, demographics or real estate dynamics?

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